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Simple Aircraft Rental

At AirOne in Bethany, Oklahoma, we make renting planes easy. All you need is our quick take-home test, one checkout flight, and you are well on your way to your destination. There are no personal insurance requirements and no fuel surcharges. Enjoy our performance-modified Cessna 152, 172, or classic Cessna 172RG, or rent the Beech Baron.

Written Checkout Exams

If you would like to have the written checkout completed by the time you arrive at AirOne, you may download the tests for each aircraft with their respective weight and balance forms. You will need both the weight and balance form and an appropriate Pilots Operating Handbook to complete each test. When you arrive for your checkout flight, be sure to bring*:

• Logbook
• Pilot Certificate
• Renter's Insurance (Non Owner's Policy)
• Medical Certificate
• Driver's License or State-Issued ID
• Proof of US Citizenship (Birth Certificate, Passport, Etc.)

*Originals only please. No copies.

Aircraft Information

Cessna 152: N67797

Cessna 152: N67797 - $129 an Hour

• Sparrow Hawk 125hp Conversion
• Horton STOL Kit
• Garmin IFR Package with 430 GPS
• Leather Interior with Sheepskin Inserts

Cessna 172N: N4891J

Cessna 172N: N4891J - $159 an Hour

• 180hp Conversion
• Garmin IFR Package with 430 GPS
• Leather Interior with Sheepskin Insert

Cessna 172RG: N9463D

Cessna 172RG: N9463D - $189 an Hour

• Recent Leather Interior & Paint • Digital Bendix/King Avionics with KLN89B GPS

A55 Beech Baron: N5779K

A55 Beech Baron: N5779K - $395 an Hour

• Full IFR Capability • Garmin 496 GPS with XM Weather & Radio

Acquistions & airplane sales

The first step of buying or selling aircraft should be calling AirOne. We gladly deal with everything from single-engine piston airplanes to business jets. Whether it is your first purchase or sale or is for personal or business use, call us for airplane buying and selling services. We have the knowledge base, the network of affiliates, and the experience to serve our buyers and sellers from start to finish.

Aircraft for sale

Below are the aircraft we currently have for sale. For further information, please contact Hal Harris at AirOne.

1998 Beech Bonanza B36TC SOLD 1957 Cessna 182A SOLD  

2004 Cessna T182T $269,900

  •  N553HC
  •  Garmin 1000 PFD/MFD
  •  Garmin GTX 33 Transponder
  •  GMA 1347 Audio Panel
  •  GEA71 Engine & Airframe Interface
  •  Autopilot with Altitude Preselect
  •  Alternate Basic Aircraft Products Air Driven Alternator
  •  Flag Gap Seal Kit (Knots 2U, LTD)
  •  Sky Tec Light Weight Starter